Mount Damavand


It is at the foot of this legendary mountain that Zahak the Dragon King is finally defeated by the hero Fereydoun, in Persian mythology.


5,671 metres (18,386 feet)


Iran (Persia)




4,661 m


3557′21″N, 5206′31″E



Age of rock:


Last eruption:

within the past 10,000 years

First ascent:

by unknown Iranian

Easiest route:


Mount Damāvand (In Persian: دماوند) also known as Donbavand, a dormant volcano, is the highest point in Iran (Persia). The mountain is located near the southern coast of the Caspian Sea, 70 km (45 mi) northeast of Tehran. It is clearly visible from Tehran.


Mount Damavand has its own special place in Iranian mythology and folklore. In Zoroastrian texts and mythology, the three-headed dragon Azhi Dahaka was chained within Mount Damavand, there to remain until the end of the world. Damavand is also significant to the patriotic Iranian legend of Arash. The villain in Iranian mythology, Zahak was also chained on some cave in mount Damavand after being defeated by Kaveh and Fereydoun. Damavand climbed by Iranian thousands years ago, by shepherds and so on.


Damavand is the symbol of Iranian resistance against the foreign rule in Persian poem and literature. The famous poem Damavand by Mohammad Taghi Bahar is one of the many poetic creations about Damavand.


The 5,604m given here is from the 1995 Britannica Atlas and it is consistent with SRTM data. The commonly quoted 5,671m elevation is not consistent with SRTM data and there is no evidence that it was derived from an accurate survey.

More Information

Longitude: 52 6' E.  
Latitude: 35 56' N.  
Range/Region: Middle Alborz.  
Province: Mazandaran.  
Nearest major town: Larijan.  
Distance from Tehran: 66 km.  
Adjacent peak(s): Vararoo , Sesang , Golezard , Mianrood.
Special notes: An inactive Volcano, which is the highest peak in Middle East and West Asia.


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